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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Case for College Campus Free Speech

Dean of the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy
Pete N. Peterson

Pete N. PetersonPete N. Peterson is a leading national speaker and writer on issues related to civic participation, and the use of technology to make government more responsive and transparent. “In 2017, SPP launched a new initiative titled the “American Project: On the Future of Conservatism.” The ‘Project’ is a unique effort to gather scholars and activists from a variety of points on the conservative spectrum to deliberate over, write about, and discuss the future of the conservative movement.” He has presented his program on Campus Free Speech at many venues. Pete writes extensively for a variety of major news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicl


"What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each twist of fate."
-President Donald J. Trump


March 21, 2019

Protecting Civil Rights and National Security: FBI v Apple Inc.

Kay Ko, Ph.D., J. DKay Ko, Ph.D., J. D
The Westlake Village Inn was the luncheon site March 21, 2019 for Dr. Kay Ko’s excellent, dynamic presentation on a very important current topic of personal privacy and civil rights. Dr. Ko worked as an Intelligence Analyst, as a Supervisory Intelligence Analyst and currently is working in the Office of Public Affairs at the FBI. Her program was included in a series presented at the school of Public Policy at Pepperdine University Policy Incentives Practitioners Series March 2018. “The public policy arguments advocating enhanced protections for civil liberties and the competing national security concerns underlying government efforts to protect citizens against foreign and domestic threats have presented a conflict of interests from both sides of the argument.” Dr. Ko’s goal was to carefully weigh the costs and benefits to society of each position and seek to identify the concerns most impacting the welfare and security of the American citizens. Members were able to interact and present their view from both sides.


“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

February 21, 2019

Dynamic Women’s Forum

The Westlake Village Inn was the luncheon meeting site February 21, 2019 featuring our members who have set an excellent example and who have made lasting strides in our community in various fields as well as women in our community who have contributed greatly. Each women gave their outstanding story of mentors in their lives, and their paths to success.

Moderator: Gina Conti: Insurance Agency Owner; Community Leader
Kay Ko: Board of Visitors Pepperdine University; formerly with F.B.I.
Janice Maurizi: Chief Assistant District Attorney, Ventura County, (Retired) as a career prosecutor has tried many high profile cases.
Natalie Mussi: CEO & President Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center
Kim Woods: Financial advisor; Board Chair New West Symphony

Celebrated Heart Health Month

Gregory Fontana, MDGregory Fontana, MD will accept his Beacon of Light Humanitarian Award. Dr. Fontana has been in practice over 35 years as a thoracic surgeon and was a founding physician for the Cardiovascular Institute at Los Robles Medical Center. He has participated in numerous cardiac innovative procedures which add many productive years to the lives of people with heart disease including the TAVR procedure.


Be Best: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m possible.” Audrey Hepburn


Dr. Ben Tabatabaei

Dr. Ben Tabatabaei is an international political and business economist. His understanding of the political and economic institutions in the global economy gives him the ability to see special critical linkages that can greatly strengthen a company’s market position. His intimate knowledge of Iranian and mid-east history and specialties in U. S. foreign policy, international trade, business intelligence has given him the opportunity to hold executive positions in very large global companies. Dr. Tabatabaei has been an adjunct professor at the school of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA., University of Southern California, Center For Intelligence, Training Joint task Force for the F.B.I, on Foreign Threats emanating from the mid-east to our homeland. Dr. Tabatabaei explained the history of Iran and how actions during the Carter administration affected present U. S. mid-east foreign policy and the current condition in Iran. His talk was eye-opening and gave the listener a better understanding of our current situation relating to the U. S. and Iran. The evening meeting was very well attended at the Westlake Village Inn, Lakeside Room.

Vicki Frederick, Community Relations Coordinator, FOREVER FOUND FOUNDATION, spoke about their efforts and successes in the difficult problem of human and sex trafficking. They have at least 17 persons who have been rescued locally from ‘human slavery’ and they also support a home in India for victims.



Beacon of Light Gala Christmas Luncheon

December 6, 2018 Christmas Holiday Gala was an elegant, festive event with many facets. The day began with teeming rain. To date it has never rained on our impressive Dove Release for Peace with dove man Tommy Bolger. After the reception in the Conservatory, the Voices of Christmas Choral Group circulating, Christmas Market shopping and in spite of the rain O’Gara /Coach Westlake exhibited their cars in the circular entry of the Sherwood County Club. at 11:45 A.M a miracle happened. The rain abated and Reverend Dr. Gary Alan Dickey playing his bagpipes led us all onto the terrace where Beacon of Light Awardees Vishva Dev, M.D. and Sally Pipes, PhD. sent off the first doves. Plan B was not needed. Dr. Dickey then led us all into the White House Dining Room for a delicious luncheon and program. Two awardees, Gregory Fontana, M.D. and Sebatian Gorka, Ph.D. were not in attendance and will attend later in the year to accept their awards. Dr. Gorka is the former security analyst and security advisor to President Trump at the White House. We were pleased to view a video sent by Dr. Gorka commending our group and accepting the award.

Ventura County District Attorney Gregory Totten, Master of Ceremonies presided. Reverend Gary Dicky gave the invocation. Rosemary Licata, V.P. Programs presented Sally Pipes, Ph.D., CEO Pacific Research Institute, and an expert in health care policy speaks around the country and writes prolifically on health care policy, the Beacon of Light Americanism Award. Vishva Dev, M.D., cardiologist and co-founder of the Cardio Vascular Institute and Chest Center, Los Robles Medical Center, Thousand Oaks, CA,. received the Humanitarian Award. Both gave inspiring talks of their accomplishments. Dr. Dev related his heartwarming, touching life’s story of coming from extreme poverty as a boy in an untouchable caste family in a small village in India and eventually being inspired by a doctor who visited his town treating the residents without charge. Vishva remained with his grandmother for a time. He spoke no English but after some roadblocks, discouragement and eventual inspiration by professors he achieved his goal. He dedicated the award to his uneducated mother who raised 10 children who have all achieved advanced degrees and commendable careers. She broke the untouchable’s custom and entered the public baths to obtain water for her family and the family was stripped of all they had. After moving to a different town, operating a small grocery store, gave inspiration and dedication to her children to pursue education in spite of barriers and mores of her situation. (See article by Debra Tash CitizensJournal.US.) We were entertained excellently, courtesy of Natasha Trenev, by soprano Stephanie Steiner and violinist Giulia Gurevich, pianist Jeni Bello. Gregory Totten installed the 2019 executive Officers. New West Symphony concert tickets donated by executive Director Natalia Staneva were presented in a live auction.


Rev. Dickey playing the bagpipes and giving the invocation

Dr. Sally Pipes and Ms. Licata
Vishva Dev, M.D. and Ms. Licata
Photos by Debra Tash



Rosemary Licata, Sebastian Gorka Ph.D., Beatrice Restifo At Ronald Reagan Library private reception October 2018
Photo B. Restifo



December 6, 2018 Installation of Executive Officers by Ventura County District Attorney Gregory Totten.
From left to right,
President Beatrice Restifo.. 1st V.P Rosemary Licata 2nd V. P. Lauren Sanders Sutton Recording Secretary Connie Malmuth Corresponding /secretary Anne Hetu Ways & Means Patrice Barlow
Photo Eugene Yankovich


March 8, 2018

Nam Yong Horn, California Federation of Republican Women President spoke bringing us up to date on the goals of the CFRW for 2018-2019. Nam has held leadership positions at the local and state level for many years and regularly attends the NFRW meetings. She touched on the planned changes in the CFRW structure in 2020, emphasized the need to increase membership, continued member assistance in electing Republicans to office during the coming mid-term elections in November 2018. It was an honor to host the President of CFRW.

Nam Yon Horn personal photo

APRIL 2018

Republican Candidates

April TORWF hosted Republican Candidates at two separate forums held at the Westlake Village Inn Provence Room and Wine Cellar. Candidates attending were:

Local: Ventura County District Attorney Gregory D. Totten; Ventura County Clerk/Recorder, Registrar of Voters Mark A. Lunn; Ventura County Controller Jeffrey Burgh; CA Assembly 44 Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy;

U. S. Congress House of Representatives District 26 Antonio Sabato. Jr.; House of Representatives District 26 Mark Reed.

Photo- B. Restifo

California state: Gubernatorial candidate John Cox;

Secretary of State Mark Meuser;

Attorney General retired Judge Steven Bailey;

Treasurer Jack Guerrero.

All candidates are very fully qualified and need the Republicans to back them financially and at the voting booth.

May 31, 2018

Shawn Steel

The Westlake Village Inn Provence Room May dinner meeting featured Shawn Steel, Republican Committeeman for California to the Republican National Committee. Shawn has been active in Republican circles since his high school days; prolific author on patient’s rights; has addressed the legislative committees regarding changing laws impacting patient’s rights; has a personal injury law practice; he filed lawsuits against University of California Berkeley to protect 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights. He brought us up to date on the 2018 California Convention, election strategies for wins in California, and inside stories of the RNC. He earned a Juris Doctor from Northrop Law School.It was an honor to have Shawn Steel as our speaker and fill us in on the inside Republican views.

Shawn Steel personal photo

The Power Seat

Also featured was Christina Nepstad, author of the Power Seat and founder of the Power Seat program. Christina works with clients and organizations across the country and helped shape the powerful “inner-views” of politicians, doctors, inventors, authors, performers, beauty queens, executives, educators and more. She has developed a special program for military men and women returning to civilian life. All age groups can benefit from her program. Christina shared her personal story of winning Miss California in 1988 and the interview that set her on the path of the Power Seat program.

June 5, 2018


June found TORWF in charge of a Precinct for the primary California Election. Lang Ranch Elementary School is our assigned precinct and the Adopt-A -Poll program under the Ventura County Registrar of Voters, Mark A. Lunn,we had the opportunity to assist in the California local, state, and national elections. Our Chair of Campaign and Precinct Chair Rosemary Licata organized various members who volunteer their time at the poll from 6:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

This is civic duty at its best. Part of TORWF mission is to encourage citizens to become engaged in the voting process and keep current in the news and knowledge of candidate qualifications. We are fortunate to have a college student as co- inspector who will be inspector in the November 2018 elections. Members who participate attend the Ventura County Elections Department classes.

August 2018

Summer Sizzler

TORWF members volunteered at the annual Ventura County Fair Republican booth to register voters and inform people about the candidates for Republican offices for 2018. It is a great opportunity to engage with the public and we were successful in changing some people from uncertain to Republican. We also registered voters almost every Saturday at the Oaks Mall thru the year.

By popular demand we were very fortunate on August 11th to have Evan Sayet as our speaker entertained our group at a late afternoon fun event with delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine at the Four Seasons Hotel Malibu Room, Westlake Village. Evan is a nationally known writer, conservative political comedian, satirist, and the author of KinderGarden of Eden, How the modern liberal thinks, and why he is convinced ignorance is bliss.” Evan has written for Townhall, Breitbart, American Thinker, and Human Events. He has worked as a speech writer for the Trump Presidential campaign, and as a policy advisor for the Ted Cruz Presidential and Senate campaigns. He has been a panelist and speaker at many Heritage Foundation and CPAC events. His writings are widely read. A converted liberal, Evan is a national treasure. In addition Marianne G. Bema

Presented her book Nguni- Cure the Bully and her art work. Marianne has a program at her studio for children in art appreciation and presents in various schools in the area.

Evan Sayet – Web photo

Marianne G. Bema and son – Photo B. Restifo


September 17, 2018


Our annual Constitution Day event on Monday, September 17, 2018 was again celebrated at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley, CA. when the Thousand Oaks Republican Women, Federated was proud to partner with the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center. Anthony Pennay, Chief Learning Officer, introduced Professor Gordon Lloyd, Ph.D. who presented his program entitled ‘The Supreme Court’ using his website program Dr. Lloyd outlined the founders’ Supreme Court and related it to the present day. Prior to the program TORWF hosted an elegant reception in the Rose Garden where members, teachers and high school students attending were able to meet Professor Lloyd as they enjoyed the ambience and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Dr. Lloyd’s program is in use by local school social studies programs. After the lecture Dr. Lloyd distributed and signed his latest book, The Convention Core Documents published in 2018, Ashbrook Center, Ashland, Ohio. This annual program is an effort to inform and teach students, teachers, and the general public about our history and to fill in the teaching history gap missing in some schools. It is particularly excellent for home school students and teachers.

Photos – B. Restifo

October 18, 2018

“The President Will See You Now”

President Ronald Reagan chose Peggy Grande to work at his side for 10 years, and together they created a powerful partnership. Serving as his post presidency Executive Assistant, Peggy was the liaison between Ronald Reagan personally and his staff, the public, local dignitaries, and world leaders. She ensured that his events, travel, personal and political relationships and day to day operations were handled efficiently, and effectively. She had a front row seat to history and got to know Ronald Reagan the man…Peggy traveled with him regularly and was also his post presidency photographer which gave her a behind the scenes view of his private interaction with Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev…Mother Teresa. Peggy witnessed first-hand leadership on display at its highest and best. It was an honor of a lifetime for her to have known and worked closely with one of the greatest political figures of our era…” Her book The President Will See You Now is a best seller. Peggy personalized her books sold. Her stories and anecdotes were amusing and showed Ronald Reagan’s best side.

Peggy Grande Official Photo


Photos - B. Restifo

June 2017
We were honored to have Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan attend and talk about and sign his latest book, "Lessons My Father Taught Me". He and his colleagues, Jay Hoffman and Doug Stebleton discussed and showed their recent film "HEROES OF WORLD WAR 2"

Several World War 2 heroes from the Normandy Invasion and the South Pacific area were hosted and interviewed. Their stories and accomplishments are amazing.

May 2017
Bob Dougherty retired C.I.A. Agent
Mr. Dougherty gave first hand accounts of methods used to track and apprehend terrorists. He had an excellent power point presentation. We are so indebted to these devoted persons who work at the C.I.A. and like agencies. They encounter situations where their lives are at stake. The members and guest attending asked many questions. The setting at the North Ranch Country Club is always great as the ambiance and delicious food make for a memorable evening.

April 2017
Trump's national Security Strategy Robert G. Kaufman, Ph.D., J.D. Robert and Kathryn Dockson Professor School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University.

Discussed President Trump's national security strategy and foreign policy. He speaks frequently on international relations gave insights on the present policies and potential areas where the U. S. can benefit in the world.

March 2017
Vicki Drummond, National Committee Woman, Alabama

Mrs. Drummond was appointed by Reince Priebus, Republican Party Chairman, to the Committee on Arrangements for the Republican National Convention of 2017, an extremely intricate assignment.She discussed the background workings of the Republican Party andthe methods used to win the November 2017 election for the U.S. President and many congressional offices.

February 2017
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Abe Lincoln impersonator Mr. J.P. Wommack gave history and special stories of Abe Lincoln's life. We arranged for Abe Lincoln to meet the 5th grade class at St. Patrick's Day School, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Mr. Randle Swan gave information on the newest exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum on the TITANIC opening in May 2017. Artifacts that have never been exhibited before will be presented. Mr. Swan brings experience from many other museums including the U. S. Army Medical Department Museum at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.

January 19, 2017
We celebrated the election of Donald J. Trump to the U.S. Presidency locally with our own "Ball" that was a very fun time with great gladness on the successful election of a Republican President and Congress.

December 2016

Sherwood Country club was this annual event.
Annual Dove Release for Peace on Terrace

Ventura County District Attorney, Master of Ceremonies
Americanism Award - Andrew Coffin, V.P.Young Americas Foundation Director of the Reagan Ranch Center. Freedom Award - JoAnne Drake, Chief Administrative Officer, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. She served President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan, planned their travels, etc. during and after the president's term ended.

December 2016
Our club Adopted the precinct at Lang Ranch Elementary School for the Presidential Election as we had done for the Primary Election. We were proud to have as a co-inspector a senior high school student who was able to learn the procedure well. She is a candidate for political science in college in the winter term. Our members and associates were the clerks and inspector. WE have had this precinct several years.

September 2016
High school, college students and teachers Gordon Lloyd, formerly Professor School of Public Policy, in conjunction with the Leonore and Walter Annenberg Presidential Learning Center, Reagan Presidential Library Pepperdine University presented his program on the Constitution which he teaches at universities to teachers around the county. Each student who attended received a copy of the U.D. Constitution. An elaborate reception for the students in the Library Courtyard before the meeting was well received.

July 2016
Professor Michael Shires, Ph.D.
Professor School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Frequent television analyst on state and national politics and the economy. Recognition of our youth who have attended Young Americas Leadership Conferences.

May 2016
Candidates for Congress, Rafael Dagnesses,
California Assembly, Kerry Nelson,
California Senate Steve Fazio
presented their ideas and positions. The candidates were able to interact with the members personally and appreciated the input from those attending. Michael Shires, Ph.D.,MBA Professor School of Public Policy gave insights on the present political scene of California and the nation.

Robert G. Kaufman, Ph.D., J.D.
The Robert and Kathryn Dockson Professor of School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Dr. Kaufman discussed his new book, "Dangerous Doctrine" "How Obama's Grand Strategies Weakened America." He discussed the current foreign policy and its effects on the standing of the U.S. in the world.

April 2016
Rob McCoy, Pastor, Historian, Council Member, Thousand Oaks Gave excellent history from Abraham Lincoln Politics and Legislation during the Civil War, the challenges for Lincoln compared with present day politics. Mr. McCoy showed artifacts from the civil war and about the soldier who owned them.

Our group attended the wonderful, professional performance of the Cabrillo Music Theater 'Children of Eden'. We invited the cast to a post performance party and served delicious food and beverages. The cast appreciates these events greatly.

March 2016
Our group attended a special Luncheon under Airforce One Wing and docent led Tour at the Reagan Presidential Library & Museum for the spectacular "Vatican Splendors exhibit." Artifacts came directly from the Vatican, Italy. Many items had never been outside if the Vatican.

Many new members attended with special awards to members who brought in the most members. Complimentary Wine, beverages and hors d'oeuvres served.

February 2016
Congressman Steve Knight, 25 CD
Former California State Senator
Gave insights of actions of the Congress, how bills get to the floor, etc.
Winner of Charlotte Mousel Scholarship
Alexander Sefayan red his moving, inspiring essay.

December 2015
Humanitarian Award: Entrepreneur Tom O'Gara, Founder, owner O'Gara Motor Coach
Exotic Motor Coaches, philanthropist
Americanism Award - Gregory D. Tottten,
Ventura County District Attorney,
Co-chair CDAA Foundation Council for Criminal Justice
Michael Reagan - presented the awards.

October 2015
Assemblyman Scott Wilk - 38AD
Michael Shires, Ph.D - Professor School of Public Policy
Pepperdine University
Discussion on the State of California economy, business climate and legislation agenda.

September 2015
Robert J. Kaufman, Ph.D., J.D.
Professor School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Discussion on present political scene and its implications

August 16, 2015
Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean and Thousand Oaks Chief of Police Tim Hagel were honored with proclamations from the City of Thousand Oaks presented by Mayor Al Adam. Ventura County Clerk & Recorder/Registrar of Voters was honored with a commendation from Thousand Oaks Republican Women, Federated for his lifetime of service in law enforcement and since 2010 in his present position. Commander Hagel presented an excellent power point on "COPS RUNNING FOR CHARITY" marathons in which he and his team of sheriffs run around the world including this spring in Antartica. Members and friends enjoyed a delicious luncheon at the Westlake Village Inn.

July 25, 2015
Summer Community Outreach Event
Our summer COMMUNITY OUTREACH EVENT helped to support the CABRILLO MUSIC THEATER performance OF OKLAHOMA. A group of members and friends attended the extraordinary performance and hosted a post reception attended

by Lewis Wilkenfeld, Director, and many cast members July 2015. The Cabrillo gives free performances for the military and seniors as well as promoting animal adoptions.

October 16, 2014
Candidates' Forum
Reception will be at 11:00am and the Luncheon will start at 12:00pm to 1:45pm
Meet and greet our Republican Candidates for California local and state offices in this most critical mid-term election on November 4, 2014.

September 11, 2014
"Celebrating the Constitution"
at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; Wine & hors d'oeuvres

July 30, 2014
"Sports and Ronald Reagan"
After a delicious buffet dinner at the North Ranch Country Club, Ross Porter, long time sportscaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, NFL teams, active in many philanthropic endeavours, and long time and prolific baseball memorabilia collector with President Ronald Reagan and his love of sports. Mr. Sirkin shared some items of his extensive and unique collection.

June 19,2014
"Tour of the While House"
TORWF members met for an extremely special tour of the White House Situation Room, used by President George W. Bush followed by luncheon under Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. We were treated to a participating tour of the Discovery Center, that brings 25,000 students yearly through a learning, leadership program where students role play parts in a Ronald Reagan historical event.

April 24, 2014
"Election Integrity Project"
Luncheon in the Provence Room, Westlake Village Inn
presented by Linda Paine, President of Election Integrity Project, who gave important information on protecting our constitutional right to vote, election irregularities and fraud. Members of the Ventura County Elections office of Registrar Mark Lunn were present to inform and answer questions.

March 19, 2014
"Candidates Forum"
After a sumptuous buffet dinner at the North Ranch Country Club, moderator Professor Robert G. Kaufman, PhD., School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University led a lively discussion of candidates for November 2014 election for California assemble and house of representatives, and secretary of state. Article page 3 Spring Newsletter.

February 27, 2014
"TORWF International Outreach"
Chair Debby Chang and 1st VP Rosemary Licata, Co-Presidents of the Thousand Oaks - Shibei District, Qingdao, People's Republic of China Sister City Committee participated in a Gala For Peace Luncheon at the Sherwood Country Club when the official documents were signed by the Mayors of the two cities. Over 170 guests included dignitaries from both China and our community.
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December 12, 2013
"The Annual Christmas Holiday Gala Luncheon"
Michael Reagan presented the annual "Beacon of Light Award"
The festivities included a European Christmas Market delicious luncheon, and installation of 2014 Executive Officers. Michael Ellington, well known voice-over actor, was Master of Ceremonies. (See page 6 & 7 2014 Winter Newsletter)

September 12, 2013
"Dynamic Women's Forum"
Linda Livingstone, PhD. Dean School of Business and management, Pepperdine University, Moderator.
Margaret Weber PhD. School of Education & Psychology, Pepperdine University
Natalia Staneva, MBA, Executive Director, New West Symphony, Thousand Oaks
Lynn Meyering, MD. Oncologist

August 14, 2013
"Finally, Prospects of Peace in the Middle East"
North Ranch Country Club exceptional buffet dinner. Dr. Dave Heney's talk and power point on history, culture and current events in the region. Students Tiffany Hossseini & Nicole Chernavsky reported on experience at the YAF High School Conference in Santa Barbara.

July 10, 2013
"A. Lincoln: Rail-Splitter to Rushmore"
Special Luncheon in Air Force One Pavilion at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Tony Chauveaux, Deputy Director Reagan Library & Museum, toured the group in the new special "Lincoln Exhibit".

June 17, 2013
"Celebrating NFRW 75th Anniversary"
Membership Appreciation Reception
Alex Marlowe, Managing Editor,
Matthew Drummond, Reported on recent college and master graduates in current work/job climate.
Films shown: NFRW 75th Anniversary, "The Conservatives" by Stephen Bannon
Member Catherine Jayne, PhD. Film: Promoting Republican Federated Women.

April 18, 2013
"New Challenges, New Solutions"
Jim Brulte, Chairman of California Republican Party
Allison Olson, CFRW Advocate in Sacramento
Michael Shire, PhD. Professor School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, specialist on California issues
Liam Morgan, Reported on participation at the YAF High School Conference, Santa Barbara.

March 21, 2013
"Honoring Our Protective Services"
Joe Beaty, Special Agent in charge of Los Angeles Secret Service Office.
Commander Randy Pentis, Thousand Oaks Chief of Police slide show of "Cops running for Charity" in the desert of North Africa.
Lt. Jim Fryhoff, presented Thousand Oaks teen program
We support "For the Troops" Bring items, write a note for them.
Special recognition for new members attending.

March 7, 2013
"NFRW Legislative met at the U.S. Capital"
President Beatrice Restifo and VP Rosemary Licata, members of the NFRW Board of Directors, visited the U.S. Capital for Legislative Day when over 40 legislators addressed our members, who came from all over the nation.

February 6, 2013
"Celebrating President Ronald Reagan's 102nd Birthday"
Lt. Col. Steven Chealander, Former military aide to President Ronald Reagan.

December 6, 2012
"Beacon of Light Awards &Christmas/Holiday Gala"
Installation of 2013 Executive Committee
Dove Release for Peace; Christmas Carolers.

October 2012
"On to Victory"
Bruce Herschensohn Professor School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, author: "Obama's Globe"
Michael Shires, PhD. Professor School of Public Policy, Specialist on California Issues

July 27, 2012
"Defending Liberty"
Chief Wm. J. McSweeney, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department; related experience of addressing police-security division of his trip in Israel.
Ben Shapiro, Conservative author, speaker, radio host, TV guest; autographed his latest book: "Primetime Propaganda", a Tinsel town expose.

July 21, 2012
"Secrets of the Secret Service"
Joseph F. Beaty; Special Agent in charge of Los Angeles Field Office
"How to Elect a New President"
Robert G. Kaufman, Ph.D. Professor Policy, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA.

February 15, 2012
"Win The Republican Presidential Election"
Andrew Breibart author and founder of, Report on upcoming presidential election, imploring all to participate.

January 17, 2012
Jim Cathcart; well known international motivational speaker, author, and guitarist will perform
Sign up to register voters.