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Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated

The National Federation of Republican Women is America's foremost political organization, bringing together women to positively impact the direction of our nation. We come together as a collective force advancing the power of women through political access and participation

Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated is a long standing Republican Women's Federated and regional group in this area. We are affiliated with the National Federated Republican Women and California Federated Republican Women and are a Diamond Award winning club.

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President's Message

"The world is changed by your example, not your opinion." This quote from Mother Teresa is a good guide for us all to remain positive, courageous, hopeful, cheerful as we participate in activities that help our community, our youth, our country, and each other. Believe in our country's motto:

In God We Trust, Liberty and E Pluribus Unum.

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Executive Officers 2022

President - Beatrice Restifo
1st V.P. Programs - Rosemary Licata
2nd V.P. Membership - Lydia Dubberke
2nd V.P. Membership - Katherine Upchurch
3rd V.P. Fundraising - Patrice Barlow
Recording Secretary - Connie Malmuth
Corresponding Secretary - Anne Hetu
Treasurer - Anne Weidenweber

Facts About TORWF

  • Diamond Award Winning Club
  • One of the largest, most active clubs
    in Ventura County
  • Strongest most diverse member base in Ventura County
  • NFRW "Spotlight" club

Scholarship Winner Michaela Posner and
Scholarship Chairwoman Patrice Barlow

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