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Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated

The National Federation of Republican Women is America's foremost political organization, bringing together women to positively impact the direction of our nation. We come together as a collective force advancing the power of women through political access and participation

Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated is a long standing Republican Women's Federated and regional group in this area. We are affiliated with the National Federated Republican Women and California Federated Republican Women and are a Diamond Award winning club.

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President's Message

Many good wishes to all for a very healthy, productive, serene 2019.
This will be a very busy year as we prepare for the 2020 election cycle. Even with some disappointing results in the House or Representatives and some congressional districts plus a bright blue California, we must be optimistic for our future liberty, freedom and life as we know it is at stake. It concerns me that our high school and college students and those in their twenties are being challenged in schools and by the general media to turn from conservative to other ideas, i.e socialist ideologies. It seems many are thinking and saying that America is not a great country. All they need to do is look around. The standard of living, the conveniences, the education and career opportunities available are boundless. Why do they think so many people from many nations are invading our border, to march many miles and endure many hardships to enter our great land illegally. All the people I know who emigrated from other countries and attained American citizenship are the best Americans. The article below from a wounded warrior can teach us a lesson on appreciation of our country and the dedication of our military. Their sacrifices give us our liberty and freedom.

My goal for 2019 is to bring more presence of our club activities into the community Caring For America, Literacy projects, supporting youth education such as Young Americas Foundation, etc. We need to demonstrate that Republican women and men are caring, compassionate, love their communities, support President Trump, our military and love liberty, freedom to express our ideas, ability to worship or not, and support our Constitution. We remain members of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and will support their projects as well. Many of you are involved in organizations and volunteer groups that do amazing things. Record your hours and in May we will be asking for them to present to NFRW for national awards.

Thank you for participating in our events. TORWF won an award for increasing membership 103% in 2018. Let us do that again. Introduce others to our meetings and activities. Invite them to join us. Also, many thanks to our members who have committed their time and talent as Executive Officers and to those who have joined the various committees. You are all welcome!!! You are all very appreciated. Contact me for further information. Offer your talents! I want to also thank our generous associate men who support us and volunteer in many ways. Thank you gentlemen!!

Beatrice Restifo

Facts About TORWF

  • Diamond Award Winning Club
  • One of the largest, most active clubs
    in Ventura County
  • Strongest most diverse member base in Ventura County
  • NFRW "Spotlight" club

Scholarship Winner Michaela Posner and
Scholarship Chairwoman Patrice Barlow

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